What are EH-POWERJACKET Heating Blankets

What are EH-POWERJACKET Heating Blankets
10 July 2023 admin
IBC heating blankets and drums heaters


What are industrial heating blankets?

EH-POWERJACKET heating blankets for IBCs and drum heaters, are specially designed for industrial uses in heating chemical, cosmetic or food products contained in IBC tanks or drums. They can be used on both metal and plastic containers, are flexible and easily installed on the tank, and the desired temperature can be easily set. It is common to use them in chemical, food, pharmaceutical industries, or where it is necessary to maintain a certain level of heat to facilitate processing, prevent freezing, or to preserve product quality.





– High degree of thermal insulation due to fiberglass insulation, which increases efficiency and protects the operator

– Equipped with adjustable straps and quick-release buckles

– Independent external thermostat

– Standard versions available from stock and customized versions on request

– Designed for plastic IBCs with iron frames

– Even heat distribution over large areas

– Safe to use around the clock

– Washable and waterproof IP65 technical pvc exterior

– Insulated cover head available to minimize heat loss


What does an IBC heating blanket or drum warmer look like?

Our heating blankets are coated on the outside with a special technical PVC, which makes the product waterproof, washable and renewable.

Warming is provided by our proprietary heating technology, which was granted European patent EP 3066887 in 2017.

A thick felt (10mm) with low thermal transmittance ensures insulation and insulation.


Why are IBC heating blankets or drum heaters used?

Prevention of freezing: In cold climates, certain liquids or substances can freeze or solidify. This can make it impossible or very difficult to use these materials. An EH-POWERJACKET IBC or drum heater blanket can maintain the temperature of the contents above the freezing point, ensuring that they remain liquid and usable.

Maintaining viscosity: Some materials, such as certain oils or chemicals, can become very viscous or thicken at low temperatures, making them difficult to use. Heating keeps these materials in a fluid state, making them easier to handle and use.

Chemical and biological processes: Some chemical reactions or biological processes require that materials be maintained at a certain temperature to function properly. EH-POWERJACKET IBC or drum heater blankets can help maintain these optimal conditions.

Process efficiency: In some cases, heating a material can improve the efficiency of the process in which it is involved. For example, some materials can be pumped or transferred more easily if they are heated.

Energy savings: Our IBC or drum heater blankets are often a much more energy-efficient way to heat materials than other heating techniques.

Safety: Heating chemicals or other materials can present risks if not handled properly. EH-POWERJACKET IBC or drum heater blankets are designed to provide controlled heating.

Uniform heating: Our devices provide uniform heating over the entire surface of the container, avoiding hot or cold spots that could alter the consistency of the material or cause problems during its use.



How much does an IBC heating blanket or drum heater cost ?




The EH-POWERJACKET in the IBC version was created specifically for Intermediate Bulk Containers and is built from a 1500-watt triple heating circuit.

The thermostat is independent and allows for temperature monitoring and management.
Our thermal covers are designed to heat from the outside, avoiding contact with the substance inside the IBC, and comply with CE standards.

For a faster heating process and to reduce heat loss, we recommend using the insulation cover that easily attaches to the top of the tank.

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