They talk about Propagating Cuttings with EH-POWERGROUND on Agritechtomorrow

They talk about Propagating Cuttings with EH-POWERGROUND on Agritechtomorrow
18 July 2022 admin
About us: Agritechtomorrow heating mats for greenhouses


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We are happy to have shared the features and innovativeness of our products.


The advantages of basal greenhouse heating with EH-POWERGROUND electric heating mats :

  1. These mats allow you to prepare cuttings at will, they can be used directly under trays of cuttings or under a layer of perlite or agri-perlite for direct rooting.
  2. The system is easy to install and does not require modifications to existing structures or technicians for installation.
  3. The system is safe and requires no technical training.
  4. The product is highly controllable, allowing you to set the ideal temperature for propagating cuttings: this provides the ideal microclimate on the rooting tables.
  5. The system provides even heat distribution to the young seedlings, allowing uniform growth and development of the crop.
  6. The product allows a considerable reduction in energy consumption, thanks to the thick thermal insulation inside the heating mats.
  7. The system also allows different temperatures to be set per pallet. The EH-POWERGROUND heating mats can be thermostated in groups or individually, or simply switched off at will when not in use.
  8. The system allows a reduction in the use of rooting hormones.
  9. The mats are highly resistant to wear, water and fertilisers thanks to the patented heating fabric and the technical outer coating.
  10. Installations are scalable; no large investment is required to get started.


The main factors of the greenhouse microclimate that we can control and manage


Soil/substrate temperature: vital for development, useful for optimising and scheduling sowing, racking, irrigation, …

Soil moisture: vital for distributing water appropriately, eliminating waste and excess.

Salinity (EC): to avoid wasteful use of fertiliser, using it only as much and where it is needed.

Electricity consumption: important to optimise and correctly manage the electrical basal heating of plants.


Room Temperature: essential for making production forecasts and optimising growth conditions.

Ambient Humidity: necessary to promote plant transpiration and avoid associated damage.

Ambient Lightness: allows you to predict crop yield, as well as plant shape, colour, structure.