Standard and custom-made drum heater and heating blankets

Standard and custom-made drum heater and heating blankets
10 July 2023 admin

Industrial Heating Blanket for Tanks, Silos, IBC Heating Jackets, Drum Heaters – Standard and Custom Manufacturing

Cofilea has developed the EH-POWERBELT and EH-POWERJACKET line of thermal blankets for heating tanks, silos, cisterns, IBCs and drums, in standard versions or produced to customer specifications

The viscosity of products such as resins, soaps, waxes, sugar and fats can increase significantly at relatively low temperatures. This makes many materials more dense and sticky, they become difficult to process or handle, and it is necessary to heat them, even slightly, to make them more fluid and easy to use.

In addition, heating is a common practice in the production of some foods and beverages such as wine, beer, and oil. In the case of wine, for example, the must may be heated during the fermentation phase or to control the malolactic phase. In brewing, heating the water and malt is essential for extracting the sugars needed for fermentation. Also in the oil industry, heating is often required, for example, for the proper storage of PDO and PGI oils according to specifications.

In these cases, it is important to maintain careful control over temperature and heating methods to avoid any unwanted damage or alteration to the product.

Electric heating blankets are the easiest, cheapest and quickest way to heat and maintain temperature in tanks, vats, silos, cisterns, IBCs and drums. Our heating bands externally embrace the tank without coming into cotnact with the contents, guarantee low power consumption thanks to the insulation and PVC coating conenent to quick cleaning.

They operate without water or glycol and are easily moved from one tank to another thanks to the simplicity of installation. The temperature is adjustable thanks to thermostats in the EH-CONTROL line.

EH-POWERJACKET, EH-POWERBELT electric heating blankets and EH-CONTROL thermostats are interametne manufactured in italy with quality components.



How to use industrial heating blankets for tank heating?

  1. Checking and preparing the tank: Before applying the heating blanket, make sure the container, tank, tank, is in perfect condition, free of contamination or damage.
  2. Precise installation of the heating blanket: Position the heating blanket adrente to the surface of the container Close and adjust the quick chousra buckles. Install the heating blankets always starting from the lowest possible point.
  3. Power supply connection: Connect the power cord of the heating blanket to the thermostat.
  4. Accurate temperature monitoring and control: Use the EH-CONTROL temperature control system, set the temperature according to your specific needs. You can rely on advanced thermostats or temperature controllers to ensure accuracy and stability. Make periodic checks to ensure that the desired temperature


Heating blankets for tanks, silos, drums, cisterns and IBCs are an indispensable tool for ensuring thermal control of liquids and materials in small or very large containers. By using them correctly, you will be able to preserve the quality of your materials, improve operational efficiency, and aid processing.