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Cookies are small text strings stored on your computer, created when you use your browser to access certain websites.
Ordering products from requires the activation of cookies. If you don’t wish to accept cookies, you can still browse the website for search purposes. Most browsers have cookies activated, and give you at the end of the page all the information necessary to adjust cookies settings to your browser.
Cookies do not harm your computer, tablet or smartphone. Cookies generated by, do not hold personal identifying information, like for example data on credit cards, but only encrypted information collected to the aim of improving your browsing the website. Below a brief description of how uses cookies and similar tools.


These cookies are indispensable to enable your surfing the website and to use its functions, like for example access to reserved sections of the website. Without cookies the services required, like online purchases, cannot be supplied.
The basic cookies are used to store a package of information which serves to manage and identify a unique user among the other users visiting the website at the same time, in order to provide you with a customized service.
Memory of previous actions (e.g. entered text) when returning to a site during the same session.


These may be session or persistent cookies of or partners, they are used to improve the website performance. These cookies do not collect information from your computer that may identify the user. All information is aggregated in anonymous form and used only to improve the website functions.
web Analytics, the collected data are restricted to the website used by the operator to manage the website performance and structure. Although these can be third party cookies, the information will be exclusively used by those in charge of editing.


Usually, cookies are the result of an action by the user, but can also be implemented in the supply of a service offered to a user even if not explicitly requested. They can be used to avoid a user from being offered twice a service previously refused. Moreover, the cookies hold a memory of the user’s choices (like user name, language, country of origin, etc.). The information collected by these cookies are anonymous and cannot track the user habits in other websites.
memory of the settings applied by a user to a website, like layout, font size, preferences, colour, etc.;


These cookies are used by partners of COFILEA, for advertising banners of when you visit another website, showing the most recent products you viewed.
While browsing, these cookies are also used to inform you on products that may be of interest to you or are similar to products you have previously viewed, based on your browsing history. The use of these cookies does not imply the processing of personal data but may enable a connection to your computer or to other devices and track the stored data: cookies connect to the browser installed in your computer or in other devices used when surfing our website.


Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can decide not to accept them. It is advisable not to disable this function since this could prevent you from surfing freely from one page to another and from using all website special functions.
To modify the settings for your cookies, please follow the instructions below for each of the most used browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Click the icon ‘Tools’ in the right top corner and select ‘Internet options’.
In the pop up window select ‘Privacy’, here you can modify your cookies settings.

Google Chrome
Click the wrench icon in the right top corner and select ‘Settings’ → ‘Advanced settings’ and change your Privacy settings

Mozilla Firefox
Go to the pull menu in the left top corner, select ‘Options’ and then ‘Privacy’ in the pop up window. Here you can change the settings of your cookies.

Go to the pull menu in the right top corner and select ‘Preferences’. Select ‘Safety’,here you can change the settings of your cookies.

For further information about cookies, please visit and