The textile that heat


E stands for Energy, T for Textile

1000 are the Applications


An innovative ELECTRICAL HEATING TEXTILE that combines a deep knowledge in textile materials with the employ of electricity

Energy Textile

Electric radiant heating system in multi-layer textile

The Energy Textile (ET) sector produces and markets technologically innovative heating textiles which generate energy-efficient and cost-effective heat thanks to the combination of textile materials, constructions and finishing treatments using electricity.

After a three-years-long research, Cofilea has launched ET-1000, an eco-sustainable multilayer technical fabric, which generates thermal energy, i.e. heat with electricity by means of the Joule effect.

ET-1000 has got the National Patent, released by the Italian Patent Office, it has been also internationally patented by European Patent Office, by United States Patent and Trademark Office and by The State Intellectual Property Office of People’s Republic of China.

Applications for an extension of the patent are in progress in many countries around the world. During its development, great attention was paid not only to the selection of the textile yarn, which allows the transformation of energy into heat, but also to the choice of the materials which form the layers of electrical insulation, heat transmittance and heat reflectance.

This electrical radiant heating system can standardize and direct heat through a nano-technological layer of heat-reflecting material.

Its main features:


low energy consumption

il limitato spessore

small thickness

il peso ridotto

reduced weight

la duttilità e la versatilità

flexibility and versatility

That, combined with minimal noise, reliability, safety and savings resulting from its use, make it a unique product of its kind.

ET-1000 can be used in many sectors; today its innovative qualities are better exploited in the branch of industry, of buildings and agriculture

The fabric can be supplied both with alternating current and direct current and different tensions can be applied starting from 6 volts up to 230 volts.

The main characteristic of ET-1000 is its versatility, since the desired temperatures can be obtained by modifying various parameters: the applied tensions and currents, the fabric length, the length of the carbon coil, since ET-1000 is normally produced in 5 different versions of carbon coils.

Special versions of ET-1000 for particular applications can be produced on request, in accordance with the technical principles on which the product is based.

Structure of the product:

  • in the upper part there are layers with different functions of electrical isolation and horizontal thermal diffusion, in order to obtain homogeneous heat transmitted towards the outside;
  • the inside contains the layer of heating fabric;
  • in the lower part various layers have different functions of thermal and electrical isolation, besides that of heat refraction.


In 2014, Cofilea filed international patent applications for the ET-1000 fabric and the product received wide recognition of the remarkable innovative aspects in three continents as demonstrated by the invention patents that were issued to it.

In 2017, the “European Patent Office” granted the European Patent: EP 3066887, in 2018 the “United States Patent and Trademark Office” issued the US Patent: US 9,883,550 and finally in 2019 “The State Intellectual Property Office of People’s Republic of China “has issued the Chinese Patent: CN 105706525.

The aforementioned awards, in addition to being a reason for wide satisfaction for the company team, confirm the innovative characteristics of the ET-1000 fabric and highlight the versatility of the product for use in a wide range of applications.

Patent ET-1000


ET-1000 is certified in accordance with health and safety regulations pertaining to electrical and flame safety and the construction of the product permits the reduction of electromagnetic effects to a minimum. ET-1000 complies:

  • community directive 2006/95/CE 12.12.2006 – (Low voltage directive) regarding the harmonized standards of EU Member State Legislation relative to electric material intended for use in specific voltage rates, according to CEI EN 60335-1 (2013) regulation.
  • community directive 2011/65/CE 08.06.2011 – (RoHS Directive) restriction of use of specific hazardous substances in electric and electronic apparatus.
  • standard UNI EEN 14115 – 2011 Regulation regarding flame resistance.
  • standard CEI EN 60529 (1997) + A1 (2000) Degrees of protection provided by enclosures.


Industrial and agricultural applications

For industrial and agricultural applications ET-1000 can be used as heating element for silos, tanks, and heated boards, but also as heating systems for marine, greenhouse applications, etc.

In building

In building ET-1000 can serve as heating system for floor, wall ad ceiling applications or whenever a tradition heating system cannot be installed.


Moreover, the ET-1000 performance can be considerably increased in combination with simple thermostats, control system or photovoltaic systems, while optimising energy costs.

Therefore, ET-1000 represents and will represent a breakthrough in heating technology.