Enolitech-Vinitaly 2017: Heating belt EH-POWERBELT

Enolitech-Vinitaly 2017: Heating belt EH-POWERBELT
28 February 2017 admin
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Cofilea is pleased to announce its presence at Enolitech, the appointment with the innovative technology applied to the wine and the oil chain during Vinitaly, the wines international show.


Enolitech 2017: The Electric heating belts EH-POWERBELT

Cofilea has developed, especially for the sectors based on the production of wine, oil and food, the electric heating belts EH-POWERBELT, easy to install on already existing, non-conditioned, tanks and suitable for heating and the control of the temperature of food and liquids contained into tanks, cisterns and barrels made of metal , fiberglass and wood.