Energy Saving

Control and management of energy costs

Energy Saving

Consulting and Brokering Energy and Gas

Our activity allows you:

  • to get best supply conditions;
  • to have an advisor available in the proximities;
  • to get the correct TVA percentage on the energetic bill;
  • to verify the correctness of the gas accises.

The liberalization of the Electricity Market was started in Italy by legislative decree no. 79 of 16 March 1999, better known as Bersani decree.

This gave the Italian end users the possibility to choose the supplier and terms for energy and gas supply.

Currently in Italy there are about 500 operators, this means an increasing number of suppliers who propose themselves as a partner.

Within such a differentiated framework, Cofilea supports users in evaluating and selecting the best energy provider and in obtaining the tax advantage the user is entitled to.


Currently Cofilea offers its service only in Italy.

Analysis of the bills issued by the current supplier

The service offered by Cofilea to its clients, starts with the analysis of the contract terms and prices and with the collection of data on annual energy and gas consumption in the different time bands.

Knowing the method used to purchase, consume and use electricity and gas is the first step towards efficiency.

At the same time, it gives the end user the possibility to negotiate new supply contracts with a better awareness.

Analysis of supply technical aspects

If there are some charges of reactive energy (e.g. abnormal consumption compared to the type of costumer), found during the analysis of the collected data, Cofilea carries out a more detailed analysis of consumption using Auditing procedures which start a comprehensive process for managing energy efficiency and reduction of electricity and gas consumption.

Analysis of contractual and fiscal aspects of the supply

If there is an improper application of the rules in force or of the contract terms, found during the analysis of the bills, Cofilea informs the client of such anomaly and, on its mandate, provides the necessary requests to present to the supplier.

Selection of alternative providers for electric energy and methane gas

The service offered by Cofilea includes the analysis of the supply contractual rates and terms proposed by its partners for electricity and methane gas supply, in order to find the offer that best meets client’s needs.

Once the supplier has been chosen in agreement with the client, Cofilea assists the client in negotiating appropriate contract conditions and prices in order to obtain a fair contract in terms of consumption and costs and in compliance with the applicable law.

Regular check of the bills issued by the new supplier and of consumption profile

The service provided by Cofilea ends with the checking of a correct application of the agreed contractual, fiscal and price terms and conditions by the new electric energy and methane gas supplier.

This also includes a verification of the customer’s consumption profile in order to satisfy the expected data.