Electrical Heaters for wine, beer, oil and food

Electrical Heaters for wine, beer, oil and food
21 July 2020 admin
Electrical Heaters for wine, beer, oil and food

Electrical Heaters for wine, beer, oil and food

Cofilea has developed and produces the EH-POWERBELT, the mobile electric band heater with thermostat for external heating of tanks in general. When cold weather prevents fermentation, our electric band heaters and thermostats can be installed on amphorae, steel or fibreglass tanks and wooden barrels.

The EH-POWERBELT electric band heaters have been designed based on the experience of oenologists, cellarers and designers and are used as electric heaters for wine and must, especially during alcoholic fermentation and malolactic fermentation to aid them and to avoid blockages or stoppages.


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Electric band heaters with thermostat to solve temperature problems in wine processing and beyond

Our band heaters embrace the tank externally without the risk of contaminating the liquid and guarantee low electricity consumption thanks to insulation. They operate without water or glycol and are easily moved from one tank to another thanks to their simple installation. The temperature is adjustable thanks to EH-CONTROL thermostats.

Electric heating bands wrap around barrels and tanks

Most modern wineries have temperature-controlled wine tanks, but in some cases they need to cool, perhaps white wine, and heat red wine to complete fermentation at the same time, or it may happen that small batches are processed in unconditioned tanks.

More artisanal companies sometimes use uneconomical methods such as heating the entire cellar or unconventional methods such as heaters and blankets.

So, whether you are a multinational or a small wine producer does not matter, in all cases you only need to intervene on the tanks to be heated by applying the EH-POWERBELT heating bands that adapt to simple stainless steel tanks or wooden barrels. This system combined with an EH-CONTROL thermostat allows the desired temperature to be set and maintained for as long as required.

A tank that is not conditioned sometimes has difficulty starting fermentation because it does not reach the required temperature. In this case, by applying EH-POWERBELT bands it is possible to bring the must to the desired temperature.


EH-POWERBELT bands can be used as electric heaters in the following wine processes:

– alcoholic fermentation

– malolactic

– pied de cuve preparation

– hot maceration

– bâtonnage

– pre-bottling

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