Mobile electric heating system for tanks and barrels

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The electric heating belts for tanks, barrels, silos and drums

Riscaldamento per serbatoi vasche silos e cisterne

Cofilea has developed, specifically for the industrial, oil, oenological and food sectors, the EH-POWERBELT thermo electric belts for heating tanks, barrels, silos and drums.

The EH-POWERBELT heating electric bands are applied externally to the container and combined with the thermostats of the EH-CONTROL line are ideal for heating and maintaining the temperature of food, liquids or other material in fiberglass, metal or plastic tanks, in wooden barriques and tonneaux, in terracotta or ceramic amphorae.

RISCALDATORI ELETTRICI Fasce elettriche riscaldanti per serbatoi, botti, cisterne, reattori e anfore

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Technical construction characteristics

External coating

PVC 680 – IP 55 / 65

Operating temperature

Adjustable with EH-CONTROL

Heating element

Electric fabric ET-1000

Connection cable

2 meters H07RN-F

Insulation material

Glass fiber

Electrical insulation

CL2 Double insulation


Main features of EH-POWERBELT:

Fasce elettriche per il riscaldamento di serbatoi, botti e cisterne

Reduced consumption and insulation

The EH-POWERBELT heating system consists of:

  • our technical heating textile ET-1000, which ensures low energy consumption combined with high thermal efficiency. In 2015, this product obtained the international patent by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) thanks to its innovative nature;
  • a thermal-insulating layer aiding heat distribution and reducing heat dissipation.


Adjustable and repositionable

The EH-POWERBELT mobile heating belts can be used on tanks of various diameters by means of extendable and adjustable belts. Due to their lightness (from 2.5 to 6.5 kg in weight) and easy handling they are easy to install and move from one tank to another.

Flexible and resistant

The heating textile technology allows a special flexibility to the belts. They can be therefore adapted to every kind of tank or barrel, while the exterior fire resistant PVC trim ensures optimal wear resistance.
The heating belts can be stored, transported and rolled up in a very limited space.

Temperature control:

Cofilea provides different types of systems for temperature control of the EH-POWERBELT heating belts that allow you to monitor and manage the temperature of liquids.



Temperature control that allows you to manage 1 heating belt, complete with 1 waterproof NTC 10K (+/- 1%) temperature probe with 5 meter long cable.



Temperature control that allows you to manage up to 2 heating belts, complete with 1 waterproof NTC 10K temperature probe (+/- 1%) with 10 meters long cable.


Temperature control that allows you to manage up to 4 heating belts, complete with 1 waterproof NTC 10K temperature probe (+/- 1%) with 10 meters long cable.