Basal electric heating for greenhouses and nursery gardening

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The heating system, consisting of EH-POWERGROUND electric heating mats and EH-CONTROL thermostats, represent the latest evolution of heating for greenhouses. EH-POWERGROUND is a heating mat made with patented technology, internally insulated, covered with a special waterproof and fertilizer-resistant PVC. It is designed to maximize efficiency and economy by concentrating the heat in the part that most needs it: the substrate, in order to facilitate the absorption of nutrients.

Our goal is to provide a ready-to-use, “PLUG & PLAY” radiant system for greenhouses, complete with heating mats, thermostats and extensions, sized according to customer needs that can be installed and used quickly.

Heating mats are ideal for seeds and cuttings. Basal heating or hot bed greenhouse technique has been used since ancient times to grow delicate plants in cold climates.

In particular, the heating mats for greenhouses:

reduce heating costs in greenhouses

stimulate the germination of seeds and the rooting of the cuttings

accelerate the processes of plant development and nutrient absorption

facilitate the reduction of the duration of the production cycles

The heating of the root zone produces a general increase in crops compared to traditional systems. In fact, it has been shown that this system allows to carry out more production cycles during the winter season or in less temperate climates. In particular, the use of the heating mats for seeds and cuttings technique involves reducing the duration of the development period between sowing or transplanting and reaching a salable state of the plant. Managing the optimal temperature, through the root zone or substrate heating system, can lead to a significant reduction in heating costs for greenhouses.

The best results from a production and economic point of view were obtained in:

production of cuttings

germination of seeds

plants cultures

Heating systems for agricultural greenhouses require particular attention in sizing, design and construction. Our goal is the containment of energy costs, the correct sizing of the system and the uniformity of the basal temperature by sector.

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Features EH-POWERGROUND heating mats:

External coating PVC 1250 – IP 65
Heating element Electric textile ET-1000
Insulating material E-glass fibre
Temperature Adjustable by EH-CONTROL
Connecting cable 2 meters H07RN-F
Electrical insulation Double insulated CL2
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Advantages of the EH-POWERGROUND electric heating mats system:

  • Flexibility: EH-POWERGROUND are made with PVC coating which makes the product flexible and rollable.
  • Waterproof: the heating modules are completely waterproof and water resistant.
  • Resistance: the outer coating is designed to resist fertilizers.
  • Adaptability: the EH-POWERGROUND system can be used in both small and large areas.
  • Scalability: at any time it can be increased on the heating surface with new mats and thermostats.
  • Accuracy: the desired temperature values ​​are strictly maintained by EH-CONTROL line thermostats.
  • Functionality: EH-POWERGROUND can be used with maximum ease according to customer needs.
  • Reliability: ET-1000 heating fabric is used for heat production, which guarantees the highest standards of safety and operation.
example of installation of heating mats for greenhouses

Smart Temperature controls

All heating systems produced by Cofilea based on ET technology can increase their already excellent performance when combined with the EH-SMART product family, intelligent temperature control systems designed to limit consumption with the ability to monitor temperature, humidity, salinity of the soil and temperature, humidity and lighting of the environment.

The management platform provides an intuitive interface that allows remote management, even from a smartphone

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Standard Temperature controls

Cofilea supplies different types of systems for controlling the temperature of EH-POWERGROUND heating mats that allow you to monitor and manage the temperature precisely.


Temperature control that allows you to manage 1 heating mat, complete with 1 waterproof NTC 10K (+/- 1%) temperature probe with 5 meter long cable.



Temperature control that allows you to manage up to 2 heating mats, complete with 1 waterproof NTC 10K temperature probe (+/- 1%) with 10 meters long cable.


Temperature control that allows you to manage up to 4 heating mats, complete with 1 waterproof NTC 10K temperature probe (+/- 1%) with 10 meters long cable.