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Electric underfloor heating

The floor heating system goes back to ancient Greeks and Romans, who used hot air from the furnaces to heat the floor, system called “Hypocaustum”.

Technology has evolved since then, but the main feature of an underfloor heating system has remained the same: the heat exchange is obtained through thermal radiation and infrared waves and the heat generated by the floor is absorbed by walls, objects and people.

Cofilea has developed HEAT4FLOOR, an underfloor heating system with a very minimal thickness, of easy and quick installation and low energy consumption; all based on ET-1000 heating textile.

The patented electro-textile ET-1000 is made of isolating, thermo-reflecting layers and by tens of thousands of carbon filaments turning, almost instantaneously, energy into heat, thus creating a system with a performance notably better than those systems operated by electrical energy.

Only with a 3mm thickness, HEAT4FLOOR can supply power ranging from few watts up to 250 watt/mq and, if you need to optimize consumption and loads, you can operate it with the EH-CONTROL unit.

One of the secrets of ET-1000 electro textile, is the low thermal inertia, which allows a rapid transfer of the generated heat to any surface to which it might be coupled.

HEAT4FLOOR is the ideal solution for makeovers, new buildings and commercial areas, in need of a low radiant temperature system.




a durable system with no need for specific maintenance

il limitato spessore


the heat is dispersed by thermal radiation without air movements thus creating a healthier environment

il peso ridotto


there are no moving mechanical parts or any other element generating noise

la duttilità e la versatilità


our electro-textiles are branded CE and are made in accordance to the standards issued by the Italian Electrical Committee (CEI) and, moreover, do not produce electromagnetic fields

la duttilità e la versatilità


each space can be controlled by a programmable thermostat to obtain different temperatures

la duttilità e la versatilità

Ecologically sustainable

It does not produce CO2 emissions, it can be combined with alternative and renewable energy sources, like a photovoltaic installation, thus reducing operating costs