Basal electric heating for greenhouses and nursery gardening

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Technique for hot bed and basal heat greenhouses

The hot bed technique for greenhouses has been used since ancient times to allow the growth of delicate plants in cold climates, so by creating a more favourable micro-climate. This method:

stimulates the acceleration of plants development process

advances vegetative phases

favours shorter productive cycles

The basal heating produces a general cultures increase compared to traditional methods. It has been demonstrated that this system allows additional productive cycles during the winter season or in less mild climate.

In particular, the use of the hot bed technique translates in a reduction of the growing period, between the sowing or the transplantation and the moment of the plant marketability.

The best productivity and profitability results have been achieved mainly with:

cuttings cultures

seeds cultures

plants cultures

The basal heating installations for hot bed greenhouses demand particular attention with regards to dimensions, planning and implementation.

Our aim is energetic costs reduction, correct installation dimension and uniformity of the base temperature for each sector.

The basal heat system EH-POWERGROUND for greenhouses and carts represents the latest evolution in the hot-bed-technique: highly efficient and not expensive. Combined with a photovoltaic installation it can become a more efficient and cheap heating system.

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Heating system EH-POWERGROUND

  • Standard-panel EH-POWERGROUND: standard panel with reduced measures, suitable for small areas.
  • Panel for benches and carts EH-POWERGROUND: modular standard panel or customized panel in bigger sizes based on specific customer requirements, which can be placed on new or existing benches or carts.

Features of the EH-POWERGROUND system:

  • Flexibility: EH-POWERGROUND panels have a PVC coating, which makes the product flexible. It can also be rolled up.
  • Reliability: heat is produced with the ET-1000 heating textile, which guarantees higher safety and operating standards.
  • Adaptability: the EH-POWERGROUND system can be used for small as well as big applications.
  • Precision: the desired temperatures can be accurately maintained by a thermostat and a temperature probe.
  • Functionality: EH-POWERGROUND is very easy to use, it can be parametrized according to customer requirements and to the climatic variations.

Advanced control system and consumption reduction

The EH-POWERGROUND system can be controlled and set up by simple switches, thermostats or by the control unit EH-CONTROL, allowing a reduction in consumption and operating power. It also allows activating other devices such as shutters, irrigation, fog machines, etc.