Electric underfloor heating



Mobile electric heating system for tanks and barrels



Basal electric heating for greenhouses and nursery gardening



Energy Heating

Solutions for electrical heating

The Energy Heating (EH) sector involves the production and the marketing of heating products, heating systems and installations using the ET technology with electrical energy supply.

Over time Cofilea has developed a comprehensive expertise in heating and thermal insulation and today it produces both standard heating systems as well as heating solutions based on customers’ design and requirements.


Mobile electric heating system for the production of wine, oil, vinegar, beer and fruit juices.

Agricultural firms can have some problems during the processing of the products due to low temperatures.

For this reason Cofilea has created EH-POWERBELT, a heating system that uses the ET technology, which is applicable on tanks and cisterns to facilitate the fermentation or to maintain a smooth fluidity.

Our system is characterized by efficiency and reliability, by the durability in time, as well as by its easy removal and new installation. Cofilea offers both standard and customized systems according to client needs.


Electric heating system for agriculture.

The electric heating system EH-POWERGROUND represents the latest product evolution with ET technology.

EH-POWERGROUND consists of a light, water-resistant, professionnal radiant mats, that can be used on racks or on benches.

Our radiant system can be used in flower farming and horticulture as root heating, with the purpose of reducing and controlling the duration of the growing period, between the seeding or transplantation and the moment of marketability of the plant.


The heating system for buildings.

The heating system for building applications uses the ET-1000 textile and thanks to its versatility it is suitable for floor, wall, baseboard and ceiling applications.

HEAT4FLOOR is an excellent, high performance heating system, which perfectly suits any space.

This system provides for greater living comfort thanks to a thermal radiation heat with no air movement, and offers excellent performance even at low temperature, allowing energy savings.


Advanced control system and energy savings.

All ET technology-based heating systems by Cofilea can further increase their excellent performance when combined with the product family EH-CONTROL, intelligent temperature control systems designed to ensure energy savings and a reduction of the required power, as well as the control of electrical loads.

It can also be supplied with an automation interface.