Cofilea is a family run business founded in 2005 in Biella, a city in the north-west of Italy, which has always been one of the major textile districts of the country.

At the beginning the company was operating in the energy saving sector providing consultancy services; then, it decided to start a new project that combines the experience gained in this field with the tradition and the know-how acquired in the textile sector over the thirty-year entrepreneurial activity of the founder family.

This is how ET-1000 came to life, an innovative, multi-layer technical textile that, powered by electricity, generates heat by joule effect.

Textile art has been in this way rediscovered, with the creation of a new product, where the material used and its special textile structure combined with modern processing techniques allow the production of a highly performing and versatile heating textile.

In 2015, ET-1000, the result of a three-year long research, obtained, thanks to its innovative nature, the publication of the patent application by WIPO, World Intellectual Property Organization.

In 2017, the “European Patent Office” granted the European Patent: EP 3066887, in 2018 the “United States Patent and Trademark Office” issued the US Patent: US 9,883,550 and finally in 2019 “The State Intellectual Property Office of People’s Republic of China “has issued the Chinese Patent: CN 105706525.

Cofilea uses this innovative and versatile product to create modern heating systems that can be used for different applications.



Our Vision

Cofilea is an innovative company. We believe that, talking about heating, electrical energy will be the “fuel” of the future, especially when it is combined with the production of energy from renewable sources and energy storage systems.


Our Mission

Our mission is to propose products, services and advices in order to meet all the increasingly diversified needs of our clients.

Our aim is to establish a close relationship with our clients, to understand their needs and to solve their problems by providing solutions in terms of cost savings and optimization in the field of electrical heating and energy saving.


Our Values

Our daily work is based on five fundamental principles:

Winning with our Clients: each of our activities is focused on clients’ satisfaction.
Tradition and innovation: we believe that past and tradition readapted to contemporary needs and with an eye to the future, may lead to a successful innovation.
Being excellent and efficient: we work hard to be the best in all the areas that are strategically important for the Company with the aim of surprising through our creativity and passion.
Learning: we listen to what the other people have to say and we are always interested to learn.
Team work: we believe that working together makes us stronger.



If you want to know more about our services or for any question you may have about our products, do not hesitate to contact us, we will reply you as soon as possible!

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